How to cheat in subway surfers

Cheat can be done with the help of using cheat codes like lucky death and time travel 2. While time travel 1 provides you to cheat in timelines. Time travel 2 makes you cheat by offering special events. When changes are made in your game settings, your device will be able to play 24-hour event since your device will work in different time zones.

For instance, let’s consider that you’re are in china but want to participate in a subway surfer event that is taking place in Russia. So, when you modify the time zone in your game settings you will be available for various functions. Lucky death is a cheat that makes gaming experience more fun.

Subway surfers is all about running and collecting rewards and in this process, there is excellent chance that you will hit an obstacle and fall. So, to avoid such kind of scenario there is a cheat known as the lucky death. Once you activate this cheat, you won’t die when you hit the obstacle, and so your journey will continue

Double jetpack

Standard jetpack in temple run will allow you to collect only coin. The cheat code known as coin doubler jetpack is permitted, it will enable to collect two coins as reward. To apply this cheat code, you need hold of super sneakers power up. Using the jetpack, you will be able to collect two coins.

Another cheat that has been very popular in subway surfer two is known as hover mixture. This a cheat code that lets you use the jetpack as hoverboard. Steps to apply this cheat code is straightforward as you need just to activate the hoverboard and wait until the hoverboard ends.

Time travel cheat

Time travel is a cheat that you will allow you to buy merchandises that are of the limited edition. To activate this kind of trick all you need to do is go your mobile phone and change the date and time. Use various timeline-like October 3, 2012 to activate the zombie lake or January 30, 2013 to activate starboard and elf tricky. Another method of trying the cheat is through the jetpack jump. Using the jetpack jump the player can make long jumps in the game.

To use the trick to its full potential. All you need to do is to swipe the player when the jetpack runs out of fuel. Back forward run is a cheat that makes your player run backwards. To activate the cheat, buy some accessories in the mystery box. After collecting it, your player should die on instant basis and click on the head start button. Once this is activated, your player may run backwards. Please note that such kind of cheat is tough to enable, so please be very patient.

Final thoughts

From the above information, it is evident that subway surfer cheats are something that makes gaming an immersive experience. All these cheats are completely legal and are made available on the internet. It is recommended that you follow genuine websites to get cheat codes.

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